The Ampleforth Society Network

The Ampleforth Society Trustees are seeking to develop a mentoring and careers service using the talents and skills of the enlarged Society to help both students at the College and individual Society members through a peer-to-peer network.  The Society is working with the Ampleforth College Careers Department to help build a network of mentors who can provide advice and guidance to current students.  Throughout the year, the Ampleforth Society also arranges a number of industry-specific events for Old Amplefordians, parents and friends and we would like to expand on this in future years.  If you would be interested in helping to arrange an event for your sector or offering your advice to students via the Ampleforth College Careers Department, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Building up the Ampleforth Society Network is an ongoing project and we would love to hear any ideas you may have for strengthening the ties amongst members.  Please contact us at or telephone 01439 766400.