Births 2019

7th January

Charlene and Charlie  Pacitti  (W99) a son, Julian Charles

14th January

Maria and Thomas Healy (D97) a daughter, Ivana Vasilisa

18th March

Emma and Piers Osborne (J04) a daughter, Ophelia Ethel Florence

23rd April 

Sally and Charlie Evans-Freke (E00) a son, Hamish John Richard

5th May

Alexandra and Jamie Lesinski (J03) a son, Max Christopher Gerald

1st June

Michelle and Roger Harle (C01), a son Rafferty Michael Robert

25th August

Sophie nee Ryan (A09) and Nicholas Hirsch, a daughter, Ottilie Alexandra Briony

5th September

Alexa (nee: Schumacher) (A07) and Christopher Coutts a son, Ivan Lawrence

21st September

Georgina and Angus Bailey (T07) a daughter, Coco Nancy Quinn Bailey

7th October

Emily and Sandy Christie (B98) a son, George Alasdair

10th November 

Charlotte and Archie Reid (EW06) a daughter, Beatrice Emily Alice

13th November 

Megan and Tim Hallinan (H04) a son, Jasper

2nd December

Kim and Andrew Valenzia (C04) a son, Jack

3rd December

Stephanie and Ben Bishop (E98) a son, Barnaby Nicholas Alan Neville

17th December

Izzie and Rollo Crichton-Stuart (E96) a son, Ludo Arthur Edward

19th December

Alexandra (nee Bradley) and Charlie Gair (B03) a son, William James Valentine.