Births 2018

23rd November

Clare and Andrew McMahon (J00) a daughter, Hettie Matilda

6th November

Annabel and Anthony Arthur (J97) a son, Joseph James Charles

18th September

Hannah, née Codrington (A06) and Hector Tulloch (EW07) a daughter, Eliza Rose

14th August

Mark and Cecilia Nunn nee Horsburgh (A10) a son, Amayus Dominic Patrick

18th July

Mary and Paul Chandy (C91) a son, Jose- Xavier

30th June

Emma and Harry Hall (E01) a daughter, Lydia Ann Dalton

25th June

Sarah and Henry Doyle (H07) a son, Jack Arthur

9th May 

James and Adelaide Paterson (nee Staunton) (A07) a daughter, Ailsa Dorothy May

5th April

Harriet and Giles Furze (O96) a son, Frederick William Charles

26th March

Clementine and Jack Ronan (J07) a son, Rafferty Michael Galwey

19th March

Rebecca and Tom Davies (W93) twin daughters, Charlotte Persephone and Alexandra Ostara

18th March

Oliver (T00)  and Alice Lamb a daughter, Poppy

17th March

Gulya and Tim Adamson (B06) a son, Henry

15th March

Louise and Charlie Morshead (E00) a son, Frederick Charles Merlin

3rd March

Hannah and Patrick Teague (T05) a son, William John Patrick

22nd February

Teresa and George Byrne (O00) a daughter, Maria Cristina

16th February

Vanessa and Wentworth Beaumont (E98) a daughter, Nancy Rose Eithne

30th January

Eliza and Harry Lesinski (J02) a daughter, Annabella Beatrice Mary

12th January

Kirsty and Edward King (E97), a son, George Richard Alexander