Marriages 2017

11 November

James Dil (D02) to Joanna Blades

7 October

James Bradley (H00) to Elizabeth Hackett

28 September

Nicholas Duffy (O91) to Rawaa Barnes

8 September

Hugh Swift (formally Legge) (T88) to Annik Musgrave

10 June

Edward Kirby (B98) to Mellisa Dess

3 June 

Frederick Kisielewski (H07) to Flora Beaumont


Forthcoming Marriages: 

Jocelyn Craig (EW07) to Megan Gibbon

Kyle de Klee (E05) to Edwina Drake

Harriet Heathcote (B08) to Andrew Walker

Rosanna McKenzie Johnson(A05) to Olly Wales - Date of engagement: 30th December

Sophie Ryan (A09) to Nicholas Hirsch

Jack Charrington (O03) to Clementine Corlett

Hugh Ainscough (H09) to Holly Wilson (M09) - Date of engagement: 16th August

Edward de la Rue (T05) to Henrietta Roger-Smith