Marriages 2016

10 September

Herman Sequeira (T06) to Alexandra Lloyd-Smith

3 September

Oliver Lamb (T00) to Alice Perry

3 September

Louis Wallace (C07) to Lucinda Bryson

23 July

Austin Sutton (D93) to Heather Blake

9 July

Oliver Cohen to Laura Criddle (A07)

1 July

Piers Lucan (E88) to Isabella Seekings

25 June

Patrick Waller (B04) to Cathy Lanigan-O'Keeffe

21 May

William Parker (C02) to Sophie Barton

9 April

James Bentley (O06) to Rebecca Shaw

3 April

Daniel John (W02) to Elizabeth Platt

Hector Tulloch (EW07) to Hannah Codrington (A06)

20 January

Harry Stein (B05) to Flora Dawson

Jonathan Freeland (B94) to Josephine Melinder