Marriages 2023

27 May

Ben Pearce (EW12)  to Alice Stewart (A12)

10 June

Igor de la Sota (H00) to Lucia Coca Suarez-Zuloaga

17 June

Leticia Blakiston Houston (M11) to Christopher Kennedy

11 August

Amelia Blenkin (M12) to Nicholas Coats

14 August

Henry Birkett (O15) to Dori van Outersterp (M14)

18 August

Will Thiele (C12) to Tory Murphy

2 September

Freddy Lytton Cobbold (D10) to Joanna Butryn (A10)

Philippa Fitzherbert (M13) to Oliver Faire

22 September

Josh Reid (O12) to Flossy McAslan

21 October

Johnny Craston (H14) to Francesca Hartmann Roca (M13)