Births 2016

29 December 

Anna and Christopher Heneage (E98) a son, Freddie

1 December 

Blanche and Hugo De Ferranti (O78) a daughter, Alba Rose

17 November

Georgina and Adam Horsley (H98) a daughter, Ionie Cecelia Mary

30 October 

Iseult and Matthew Leonard (O05) a daughter, Lucy Elizabeth

28 October

Katy and Tom Waller (A92) a daughter, Taylin de Warrenne Waller

19 October

Kirsty and Harry Lukas (O99) a daughter, Savannah Clare

10 October

Kemi and Hamish Badenoch (O97) a son, Ralph Akintola Wolfe

16 September

Sally and Charlie Evans-Freke (E00) a daughter, Alice Margaret Lois

15 September

Anna and Charlie MacDermot-Roe (H92) a son, Archibald Tore Alexander

25 August

Teesi and Thomas Neave (O04) a daughter, Desiree Amelia

13 July

Mary and Nicholas Leonard (O01) a son, Thomas Peter

4 July

Charlotte and Oliver Russell (H00) s son, Edward Patrick Michael

17 June

Charlene and Charles Pacitti (W99) a son, Francis Emmanuel

17 June

Mary and Thomas Flynn (H95) a daughter, Edith Teresa

16 June

Annabel and Hugh Murphy (J98) a daughter, Jemima Elizabeth

2 June

Janette and Nick Bianchi (D90) a son, Harrison Paul Luca

22 May

Chloe and Mark Sheridan-Johnson (W99) a daughter, Verity Camilla

10 May

Charlotte and Joe Vincent (O91) a daughter, Camilla

28 April 

Annik and Hugh Swift (T88), a daughter Lucie Willow

21 April

Ella and Luke Horsley (H00) a son, Wilber Adrian Philip

23 March

Rowena and Robert Noel (E80) a daughter, Phoebe

18 March

Georgina and Adam Trevor (J02) a daughter, Kathryn Mary Eleanor

7 March

Natalie and Patrick Tolhurst (C99) a son, Edward Alfred John

5 February

Marija & David Lowe (H91) a daughter Freja Mary Lowe

20 January

Nina and Hugo Toriglioni del Cassero-Nisbett (J95) a son, Raphael Michael

14 January

Rebecca and Edward Higgins (C98) a son, Gus Jack Ogilvy

10 January

Victoria and Richard Tyrer (B02) a son, Daniel Joseph Leon