Marriages 2020

27th February

Thomas Asquith (EW10) to Lucy Carr-Ellison

29th February

Luke Poloniecki (H99) to Cosima Crawley

5th September

Guy Arthur John Bartleet (D04) to Katie Marie Longstaff

9th October

Toby Ikwueke (C04) to Michelle Njagi


Forthcoming Marriages: 

Marcus Swann (W04) Johanna Johansson

Sara Anderson (A09) to Christopher Pilgrim

Samuel Goddard (O03) to Josephine Kendall

Oliver Mankowski (B04) to Jessica Sharpe

Henry Rex (J07) to Olivia Parish

Beatrijs Brenninkmeijer (B12) to Archie Wilkinson

Caspar Erskine (O04) to Alice Thornton

Tom Spanner (W04) to Lucy Dickson

Francesca Spitzy (B08) to Albrecht von Krockow