Births 2020

4th January

Meriel and Richard Scrope (E95) a daughter, Leontine Maud Catherine

6th February 

Holly (M09) and Hugh Ainscough (H09) a son, William Edward

7th February

Henrietta and Ewen Moore (T02) a daughter, Rose

28th March

Sanela and Robert Hollas (T99), a daughter, Isobel Kata

29th March

Sarah and Cyril Brenninkmeijer (H01) a daughter, Cara Ingrid Mirjam

26th May

Annabel (Bella) and Rory Smith (H09) a boy, Rex George Stanley

5th July

Olivia and Charlie Coghlan (T93) a boy, Fynn Alexander William Coghlan

7th July

Cosima and Luke Poloniecki (H99) a son, Ludovic Randall

26th July

Pia and William Jolliffe (C95) a daughter, Emma Mary Magdalena 

12th August

Edwina and Kyle de Klee (E05) a daughter, Eliza Henrietta Charlotte

7th September

Laura and Nick McAleenan (H98) a son, Gabriel Arthur 

18th September

Fred Cook (E04) and Elisabeth Cook (nee:Barclay) (A07) a daughter, Constance Emma Mabel

1st October

Nathan (J12) and Katherine Too, a son Aedán Sing-Yip Too