29th February, 2024 19:00 - 21:00

Durham University Pub Night

Revolution Durham

The second leg of our university pub tour takes us to Durham. Join fellow Old Amplefordians and the Ampleforth Society for drinks at Revolution, 1-4 North Road, Durham on Thursday 29 February, 7pm-9pm.  Make sure you register for this event with the first few rounds on us!

Here's a list of confirmed attendees - 

Arthur Kavanagh (T23)
Harriet Pettifer (A23)
Luis-Paul Gray (T20)
Emily Elmhirst (A23)
Ingrid Sykes (M21)
Lily Gilbey (M23)
Anna Scott (M22)
Ida Bridgeman (B21)
Flora Swinburne (B21)
Lauren Connor (M23)
Cicely Craston (M22)
Ellie Evans (M22)
Theo Wuertz (H22)

Durham University Pub Night