16th November, 2023 18:45 - 23:00
Northern Counties Club, Newcastle

Northern Counties Mass and Dinner 2023

Northern Counties Mass & Dinner 2023

The Northern Counties Mass and Dinner is now a SELL OUT.

We can't wait to see you all at the Northern Counties Club in Newcastle on Thursday 16th November at 6.30pm. Fr Richard will celebrate Mass at 6.45pm followed by drinks and dinner. 

Our thanks to Ben Gibson (C86) and Jonathan Brown (J80) for organising this ever popular event. 

All tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to a future event.

Confirmed attendees

Peter Roberts, Headmaster, Ampleforth College

Harriet Langdale, Director Admissions, Communications & Marketing, Ampleforth College

Emma Craig, Head of Development, Ampleforth College

Lizzie Rohan, Alumni Relations Manager, Ampleforth College

Gabrielle Foster, Lay Chaplain and Acting Head of Christian Living

Fr Richard ffield OSB (A59)

Simon Baker (B84)
Janet Baker
Lucy Barker (A21)
Eleanor Bett (A21)
Gemma Breese (M22)
Mark Bridgeman (E86)                
Lucia Bridgeman                            
Ida Bridgeman (D21)  
Fraser Brooksbank (O20)                    
Jonathan Brown (J80) 
Ben Brown (EW16)   
Anthony Brown (J84)
Susie Brown             
Julia Brown    
Lizzie Browne (A22)
Martha Byrne-Hill                                
Nick van den Berg (A79)                  
Louis van den Berg (B55) 
Kevin Connolly (E55)                       
Cecily Craston (M22)                 
Annabel Edwardson(B21)  
Andrew Elliot (E86)                                       
Tango Fawcett                                 
Jemima Fawcett (M22)                
Lily Gilbey (M23)                        
Ben Gibson (C86)                     
Anna Gibson                                
Jack Gibson (D22)                     
Will Gibson (D20)                       
Anthony Gibson (O55)              
Bryony Gibson     
Toby Gibson (E87)
Jane Gibson   
Angus Houston (C86) 
Neville Long (H84)
Jayne Long                        
Francis Mason-Hornby                 
Charlotte Mason-Hornby                    
Isabella Lusardi-Moran (M23)                
Kate Martin                    
Rupert Miller (T04)   
Theresa Miller (B20)             
Jonathan Moreland (C86)    
Freddie Morrisey (J20)
Araminta Murray-Wells (M22)
Edward Perry (C80)
Karen Perry   
Tilly Perry (M16)
Annabelle Pilling (B22)
India Roberts (A22)
Tatiana Roberts (A22)      
Stephen Rylands (H20)
John Rylands (A73)
Henry Scothern (J23)
Christian Swinburne   
Rachel Swinburne
Flora Swinburne (B21)
Hector Swinburne (J17)
Anna Scott (M22)
Gerard Simpson
Harriet Strachan (M21)
Philip Sturt
Edward Hornyold Strickland (C79)
Cici Hornyold-Strickland (B21)
Ingrid Sykes (M21)
Nicholas Thomas (C80)
Victoria Thomas
Anna Tighe (B21)
Emma Tennant
Eddie Tennant
Georgia Tennant (A21)
Oliver Wallhead (C04)
Philip Wigan (C86)