25th January, 2024

Old Amplefordian Cross Country v College VIII

OAXC squad

The Old Amplefordian Cross Country squad returned to the valley to take on the College on the afternoon of Saturday 20 January. The day was cold, wet and ground muddy and conditions just right for those taking on the 7.5km Senior Course. 

Robert Rigby (T79) was first home for the OAs followed by Oscar Anglim (O18) and David Topham (O11). Huge congratulations to Erin Anglim (B21) who was the first female OA to run in this event and who came home with a time of  37.59. We all look forward to having more OA girls run this course next year. 

Tea and cake were served in the Pavilion post race where the results were announced. The best 6 home counted towards the final score and a win for the Old Amplefordians taking The Corbould Cup 40 - 65. A thank you was noted to all those who had helped with this years race and a cheer raised to Erin Anglim (B21). 

Robert Rigby (T79) 30.47
Oscar Anglim (O18) 31.11
David Topham (O11) 31.50
Anthony Arthur (J97) 31.59
Rory Henderson (O01) 32.19
George Innes (EW14) 32.55
Olly Myers (H19) 36.02
Will Lyon Tupman (D14) 37.01
Erin Anglim (B21) 37.59
James Hart-Dyke (C85) 42.28
Ollie Heath (E90) 44.02
Peter Thomas RET